A Student Village



In deep Hengduan Mountain Range, western Yunnan of China, there hides a special village which is not known by people outside. All the villagers inhabited here are children between 6 and 14. They live in the village all year round to complete their six-year study in a primary school.

It’s a place called “Tian Deng” in the middle of Hengduan Mountain. Because of the high mountains, deep valleys and rugged mountainous roads, and there only stands this school in the 160 square meter area, children at the school from Bai and Lisu ethnic minorities can not go to school and back home everyday. Therefore, the parents construct small wooden rooms for their children in front of the school so that the children can stay and cook.

The film depicts a truly touching story and honestly records the eager and desire of knowledge of the mountain people in remote areas in China.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



100 minutes


Betacam, Color


Wei Xing

Wei Xing, documentary film director and cameraman, beings making documentaries in 1998 after working in countryside and performing military service. Main works are all concerned with man's destiny and social changes in China.