Ahlu And His Brothers



A long, long time ago, the ancestors of the Hani (Akkha) and other people lived together in the same valley. Much later, as the population grew, they fought over land,
and the Hani fled to another valley far away. After hundreds of years, war plagued the new valley, and some people fled to where a valley meets the mountains to live by farming. They built terrace after terrace on the hills and a Hani village emerged in the new valley. Although after this terrace is built, more rice can be grown, this will not solve the problem of lack of grain. The terraces already go all the way to the top of the hills. There’s simple no land left to build more, and people have to work outside. Ahlu and his brothers work outside the village, and they are searching their dreams of a better life. Due to the lack of knowledge and skills, as most minorities do, they can hardly face the challenges and hardships in such a sophisticated society.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



60 minutes


Betacam, Color


Chou Yue-Jun

Documentary producer for Kun Ming Television, engaged in documentary production since 1991. As a producer who puts his ideals in his documentary films, Jhou focuses his films on Yun Nan, especially on the ethnic minority Yi Yi people's situation In contemporary, ever-transforming Yun Nan. He believes that “people are eternal attraction of documentary film.”