Droppin’ Lyrics

This is a film on a Japanese hiphop musician, Shing02 grown up outside Japan. He thinks earnestly about the issues of world peace, his nation and own identity, which attracted me a lot and let me to trace the world of his lyrics. Through this film, people will encounter “a new type of Japanese”.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



68 minutes


Betacam, Color


Atsushi “UCCI”Uchino

Filmmaker. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1967. After graduating human science major from Waseda University in Tokyo in 1991, UCCI started to work as a creative director and a producer of FM radio and TV programs. He built up his career with making a lot of those programs on the job. Then he moved to San Francisco in order to learn more about motion picture production by using digital tool during 1999 and 2002. Currently, he is exploring his activities of filmmaking in Tokyo from a journalistic viewpoint, especially music.