Experimental Taiwanese



“The Moon is the earth’s only satellite, and the fifth largest in the solar system. Its surface is full of meteorite pits, high mountains, and plains; quite desolate, a world of deadly stillness. When we’re looking into the starry sky, we’re actually peeking into its past…”

Hebei origin, air-force officer retiree, Mr. Chou, now diligently learning Taiwanese, met “Chang Jiang No. 1,” China’s top secret agent during Sino-Japanese war, on a Peking opera’ seminar. Chou’s flat moon life has then been sparkled. He started to talk around about the heroic accomplishments this “Chang Jiang No.1” had done. This person, “who contributes most to China,” gradually becomes Chou’s only mark on the Moon.

Is “homesickness” a gene? Inheritable? Transplantable? Can be parted or chosen? Contagious? Needs regular purging like computer viruses? … Through the story between Mr. Chou and “Chang Jiang No.1.” the film uses lively rhythm to represent the interesting homesickness issue. The director adopts a humorous way to re-present these new Taiwanese in Taiwan.

As for whether “Chang Jiang No.1” is a real person or not is up to the audience to decide.

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56 minutes


Betacam, Color


Wu Mi-Sen

Born in 1967 in Taipei, Taiwan. He received his BFA in filmmaking from City College, City University of New York in 1995. As a filmmaker in Taiwan, Wu has also directed TV commercials and music videos. He began to teach film courses at universities in Spring 2001. Mi-sen WU just finished his first 35mm feature film, “Drop Me a Cat”, and raising fund for his new feature film, La Guerre N'est Pas Finie.