Globalization has a great impact on the farming villages in Taiwan. With it come the agricultural transition, the old farmers’ thought and the homecoming of young people.

After graduated from senior high school, Wen-bing began to work in Taichung. However, his job in a nightclub got him into trouble with the law. He asked the judge for indemnity and promised to return home to help his parents grow tomatoes. When he stays in the country, his heart still lingers in the big city. He can’t accustomed himself to the lifestyle in the village, and find it difficult to agree with his parents in terms of farming and marketing. What else is he supposed do when he can neither forget his past nor catch hold of his future?


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Zeng Hong-Zhi

Since 2004, he has been the local correspondent in Kaohsiung for Hakka TV.
“Uncle A-Li and His Tobacco”, nominated by Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival in 2011.