Kacalisiyan-Singers from the Mountainsides

Flowing out from the spinning cassette tape, one after one, the melody of top tribal classics sway on the stage witnessing the golden days of Kaleskes Labaceken and Biung Isdanda as time goes by. In the whispering words of tribes, emotions are moved by the persistence of Cule.e Gaku to the old folk music. The forever-young music band of producer Tjivuluan Tulaljang sparks from the last track “Cheers”. His passion to music is tipsy but with consistency. Kacalisiyan, people from the mountainsides, sing from their truest hearts, with laughter and with tears.


Region of Origin

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78 minutes


4k UHD, Color

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Monday, October 4, 2021 / 18:30 2021 Schedule


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Wu Hsing-Ying

Hsing-Ying’s first choice for university was human anthropology, and the second was philosophy, neither of them did she successfully get in, so she ended up entering the ‘philosophy of human’- film studies.
Little does she know about being a director, though she has been one for years.
Yet the only thing she knows for sure is her affection for inviting characters and audiences to bring lives together through the way of visual art.