Mountain Keepers – Song of Chung Giao Keng



A greenish hakka small village, Chung Giao Keng is at the north-west side of Tai-lake tribe in Miaoli County. Villagers still hold the traditional way of living, mostly engage in farming. Due to the decline of the traditional economic living, villagers are moving out from this beautiful mountain village. A decade ago, there were still more than a hundred families living in Chung Giao Keng, but now, only no more than some twenty or so, mostly the aged.

But for those who stayed, they still practice the hakka virtue of diligence and frugality. The film records the elder’s lives in the village and their connection with the land. They talked about their thoughts for marriage, their near century life experiences; sang native songs in the bamboo grove and having a living philosophy of their own. These hakka elders leisurely spread the mountain spirit.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



55 minutes


Betacam, Color


Chen Rong-Shien

Chen Rong-Shien was once a stage director, editor/director for TV dramas, editor / director of “Against Life” and editor / director of “Life Proclaiment” of Super TV.