Our Happy Birth Day


Anais and Daisy meet a midwife, a dying profession, and have a new understand of life and death. Since then, they’ve chosen a birthing process that is differently from 99\% of the women in Taiwan.

Anais, an aromatherapist, lives a natural and holistic lifestyle and refuses modern medicine. At the local theater, she plays an expectant mother who is forced to have a C-section in order to deliver the baby during an auspicious time. On stage, she screams “Giving birth is not an illness, I don’t want a C-section!” But in real life Anais is faced with the possibility of having a C-section due to the baby’s malposition. Anais’ wish to have home birth gets slimmer and slimmer with time.

Daisy, a mother of two girls, welcomes a third baby with home birth. With many relatives and friends as witness, she births her first son. Sadly, three months later her son passes away from a rare disease. Through the valley of the shadow of death, she decides to becomes a doula and readies herself to welcome a new life once again.


10/8  18:10



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82 minutes


HD, 16:9, Color


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Chen Yu-Ching

Yu-Ching Chen studied film production at Cinécréatis in Nantes, France, before returning to Taiwan as an independent filmmaker. Her films have focused on human rights and environmentalism. She likes working with aesthetics, languages, and images.

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Su Yu-Ting

Su Yu-Ting is an independent documentary filmmaker with a journalism degree from the National Chengchi University in Taiwan. To Angel, documentaries are the family albums of a society, stories of the land and its people waiting to be heard. She is the director of Legna Studio.