Shei-Ting and Her Song



The protagonist of this film, Shei-Ting, is a Hakka woman from Songkou Township, Meichow City, in mainland China. When she was 27, she met Mr. Chen, from Meinong, who was visiting China to look over prospective brides.Despite her entire family’s disagreement, Shei-Ting decided to marry him and emigrate to Taiwan.

This film aims to demonstrate the fighting spirit and the hopes of the people who live on this land. At the same time, it also manifests the truth that the success of a family depends not only on the individual’s attitude toward life, but also on the mutual support and love of all the family members.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



18 minutes


Betacam, Color


Wu Ping-Hai

Wu Ping-hai was born in 1972, in Meinong, Kauhsiung County. Wu started to study producing documentary film systematically after being recruited for the “Hakka Photographer Training Plan” held by the Council of Hakka Affairs, and Shei-Ting and Her Song was produced through the training program.