Hey Jimmy

Hey Jimmy is a short documentary about ‘Black Jimmy,’ a black Taiwanese drag queen. The piece considers the socio-cultural complexities of the protagonist’s mixed parentage. A contemporary urban narrative, the documentary incorporates animation to create affectionately comical insight.


Scars on Memory

Scars on Memory is Taiwanese queer documantarian Mickey Chen’s soothing and melancholy epilogue to his queer trilogy, which includes the famous Boys for Beauty (1999) and the controversial documentary on lesbian relationships Memorandum on Happiness(2003).

In Scars on Memory, Mickey Chen parallels and interweaves two gay love stories in a pretty diaspora and literaryway. Continuing his thematic focus on constructing…


Girls to Mothers

An average of 400 children are born in Nicaragua every day, 100 of them to adolescent mothers.

This documentary narrates the lives of three such adolescents. None of the three had planned to be a mother at such an early age. We sought them out and followed their lives for several months, learning about their families, their stories of love,…


Mit Koran und greller Schminke/ Transsexuelle in Pakistan

“Transsexual in Pakistan” is about the “khusras,” a marginal community within Pakistani society. They are born male, but devote themselves to searching outand developing the feminine side of their souls. They are transsexual from the western physiological point of view, but to the local Pakistanis, what the khusras signify is beyond gender differences. People treat the khusras as the most…


Paternal Instinct

Mark and Erik are an “unmarried” gay couple who have been together for ten years. They long to have biological children. Searching for a surrogate mother on the internet, they meet Wen, a wife, mother and practicing witch. Over the next three years, this unique partnership encounters unforeseen obstacles that challenge their desire for a child and threaten the growing…