Sound of Nomad: Koryo Arirang

Sound of Nomad: Koryo Arirang starts with a diva of a tragic family history related to a history of migration. The rare archival footage re-animates her history reverberating with the current world crisis. This is a testimonial – a witness to injustice and tragedy, but it is also a declaration of survival – a survival that is not static but transformative – not brittle but fluid. The trains that displace, the deserts that separate from one harsh horizon –a historical limit– but within that limit, against it and across it are people, are a culture, not escaping but flourishing unofficially, with the affectionate majesty of a melody, a rhythm, an Arirang.


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88 minutes


Digital, Color

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Friday, October 1, 2021 / 20:00 2021 Schedule


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Soyoung Kim

Soyoung Kim has made ‘Women’s History Trilogy’(Koryu: Southern women/South Korea, I’ll Be Seeing Her, New Woman: Her First Song) which was screened at many international film festivals including Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival. She also has made a feature-length fiction film entitled Viewfinder(Kyung)(2010) and a documentary Drifting City about African traders in Guangzhou, China. Her recent works on Koryo people include ‘Exile Trilogy’ which consists of Heart of Snow, Heart of Blood, Sound of Nomad: Koryo Arirang, and Goodbye My Love, North Korea.