The Solicitude for the Takasago Volunteer



This is a story that has been forgotten by many of us, but not by Mr. Tomohide Kadowaki, President of Japan’s Akebono Association, who has devoted his life to taking care of the Takasago Volunteers, Taiwanese aboriginal men [were they from a specific tribe or village?] who were drafted into [or volunteered for? ] the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II. [NOTE FROM TERI: This summary should have some explanation of who the Takasago Volunteers were, but I’m not familiar with the history.]He spent the savings of his lifetime and sold his properties for the survivors and the surviving families of the Takasago Volunteers. He also published several books that record their stories. Following the footsteps of Mr. Tomohide Kadowaki, we are overwhelmed by the love and the perseverance of this Japanese gentleman, and re-discover the stories of our own people , the Takasago Volunteers.

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Oloh's Chinese name is Tsai Fu Rong, he is a program producer of Public Television Service's The Formosa Aboriginal News Magazine.


Watan's Chinese name is Chun Shan Chen, he is both journalist and photographer of Public Television Service' s The Formosa Aboriginal News Magazine.