Contemporary Serbia. All the young people left for the cities. Villages are becoming almost deserted. The population decreases, without being regenerated enough…

The hero of our story is the loneliest little girl in the world. She has no company. She is the last pupil in the school. She is the last child in the village. Only old people down there, and an archaic kind of life. Her journey from her house to the school reveals around her the real string of motions, colors, sounds, objects, buildings, habits, faces…, all which seems to be slowly fading to disappearance.

The film tries to be a metaphor on vanishing of one people…

Region of Origin

Year of Release



17 minutes


Betacam, Color


Vladimir Perovic

Born in Cetinje, Montenegro in 1955. Graduated film & TV directing from Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade. A free-lance director. He directs creative documentaries and short fictions. His films were screened at festivals. Awarded and prized many times. He worked for four years as a professor of Documentary art making. He lives and works in Belgrade.