Over the years, we have been educated to teach our children to be upstanding Chinese people, but have received no education on how to live a tribal community. When a group of professionals and wise members of the tribal community aspire to use traditional tribal values to educate our next generation, they are met with unfriendly government policies that force…


Dialogue Among Tribes

My father, Du-Ya, left the Amis tribe and went to Taipei City as a construction worker when he was an adolescent. He later returned to his hometown after he got married, and adopted fishing as his career in Shih-Ti Habor, Hualien. Fishing was his way of making a living. However, he still needed to leave home occasionally to seek labor…


Encounter in the End of the Forest

I like the forest. I like the serenity and the mystery of the forest. The forest is like a serene church where humans can learn respect and how to pray. The forest is a church. When you enter it, you experience a spiritual encounter with nature and the earth.


Mountain Tribe, Sea Tribe

In June 2014, the harvest festival of the tribe was just around the corner. Two local Pulima people in Taiwan felt called to the artistry of the land on one side, and the forest on the other side, and they met each other in Champagne-Ardenne, France, to go on a trip of spirituality.

Etan Pavavalung is an indigenous Paiwanese artist…