Encounter in the End of the Forest


I like the forest. I like the serenity and the mystery of the forest. The forest is like a serene church where humans can learn respect and how to pray. The forest is a church. When you enter it, you experience a spiritual encounter with nature and the earth.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



48 minutes


HD, Color


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Etan Pavavalung

After years of making documentaries, Etan believes that aborigines should create film works that incorporate aboriginal literature and art. In his documentaries, “She With the Patterned Hands,” “The Winding Road to Home,” “Hands that Tell Tales of the Mountains,” “Brothers Who Sing of Love and Longing,” and “The Fragrant Mountain Winds,” Etan tries to create an aboriginal visual aesthetic through a literary and poetic point of view. His visual style is known for employing refined and delicate details, beautiful composition, and bold color to express the literary and contemporary nature of his art creation.