Drokpa: Nomads of Tibet

Set in the high plateau of eastern Tibet, Drokpa is an intimate portrait of the lives and struggles of Tibetan nomads whose life is on the cusp of irreversible change. Richly observed daily lives and family relationships, especially those of Tamku, a teenage single mother, Dhongya, a senior nomad, and Yithan, a mother of two boys, are at once deeply personal and illustrative of universal issues of gender, freedom, adaptation to a changing climate, and the resilience of the human spirit.

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79 minutes


HD, Color


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Su Yan Chun

Su Yan Chun is a self-taught documentary filmmaker currently based in Colorado. She was born in China and received her education in both China and the US. Drokpa, a documentary about Tibetan nomads facing challenges with ecological and cultural survival, is five years in the making and her feature-length debut.