Peruvian alpaca wool is a material of utmost significance among Andean highland communities and their rich textile traditions. Entretejido is an observational documentary that weaves together the different sites and communities involved in the making of alpaca wool fashions. The film is a sensorial immersion into the textures that compose this supply chain, from animal to runway, employing sonic and visual juxtapositions that explore the fluid complexity of entanglements between Andean artisans, alpaca herders, urban designers, development efforts, and the emerging Peruvian high-fashion world.

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33 minutes


HD, Color


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Patricia Alvarez

Patricia Alvarez is an anthropologist and filmmaker whose scholarly research and creative practices develop in the folds between ethnography, critical theory, and the documentary arts. Her more recent works converge on issues of gender and ethnic representation in neoliberal, post-authoritarian Peru.