Guru, a Hijra Family

We, the hijras, are born neither man nor woman. We are born somewhere in the middle. Our name was mentioned in Sanskrit texts, more than a thousand years ago. It evoked beauty, bravery, and straightforwardness. I try to act as a good guru towards my daughters, I want to teach them how to live properly. It’s not enough to only seek happiness, one must learn to be respected.

Year of Release



75 minutes


HD, Color


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Axelle Le Dauphin

Axelle Le Dauphin has always worked in various areas, exploring experiences and different medias. Press, photography, fashion, her interest for working on the field, and her artistic sensitivity have pushed her today towards movie activities by collaborating with Laurie Colson on this specific project.

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Laurie Colson

Director Laurie Colson has produced 5 short films for Tarantula Belgium, some of which having been awarded prizes. Over the last 15 years, she has also worked as a set designer for full-length films shot in Belgium and abroad.