Kalay Ngasan: Our Home

Kalay Ngasan:我們的家

Born in 1981, a Nanao Atayal from Yilan, Wu Ta Elementary School teacher Wilang hunted with elders in the mountains and learned rattan weaving techniques since he was a boy. He has an old soul that is passionate about Atayal culture. In 2014, Wilang embarked on the “Finding our Roots Project” at Wu Ta Elementary School. He took school children to the old Wu Ta Village, trying to find the place where their ancestors used to live. However, the houses in the old village had been reduced to fragments of slate. Wilang’s search for the original design of Atayal houses launched his quest to reimagine Atayal houses.

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48 minutes


HD, Color


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Huang Hao-chieh

In 2014, Huang Hao-chieh was an assistant director for the film "Maverick,” which was a finalist in the Taipei Film Festival's opening film competition. In 2015, he worked as a Producer for the Ministry of Culture documentary film "The Blind Forest," which was a finalist at the Kaohsiung Film Festival. In 2015 he was a screenwriter for a National Palace Museum documentary film "Documenting Victory in Etching."