Marangmotxingmo Mirang , From the Ikpeng Children to the World

Answering a video-letter from the children from Sierra Maestra in Cuba, four Ikpeng children, filmed by videomakers from their community, introduce their village—its leaders, their friends, adult work; they show their families, their toys, their celebrations and their way of life with grace and lightheartedness – in a video letter addressed to children from other cultures they are curious to know; they ask to continue the correspondence.

Year of Release



35 minutes


Betacam, Color


Kumaré Txicão

26, Kumaré is an Ikpeng Indian from Xingú Park. After his initiation to video in 1997, Kumaré and his friend Karané registered the initiation and tattooing ceremony of the children of his village. The film, "Moyngo, The dream of Maragareum', a mixture of fiction and documentary was his first realization.

Karané Txicão

Karané is 21, but has already participated in three workshops in Xingú and three editing workshops.

Natuyu Yuwipo Txicão

At 17, Natuyu is the first woman to integrate the Video in the Villages' team. Initiated to the workshop in 1999, Natuyu, being the youngest student of the project, became a great revelation at the 2001 workshop. Natuyu is also realizing a documentary about a woman in her village, the elder Yawulú.