On Call

A consulting service is located in the Avicenne Hospital in Bobigny. It’s an outpost at the end of a corridor. A large, run-down room where sick men show up bearing physical scars, and whose pain seems closely linked to the suffering of exile. They keep coming back here because they still harbor hopes that this place will give them the means to stay afloat, to survive the turmoil of their lives hitting rock bottom.

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97 minutes


Digital, Color


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Alice Diop

Alice Diop was born in 1979, in Aulnay-sous-Bois, France. A French director of Senegalese origin with a Masters in history and a Doctorate in visual sociology, she studied documentary filmmaking at La Femis film school. Since 2005 she has written and directed several documentaries, including the medium-length titles La tour du monde (2006), Clichy pour l’exemple (2006), Les senegalaises et la senegauloise (2007), and Vers la tendresse (2015). Her feature debut La mort de Danton (2011) took the Library Award at Paris’s Cinema du Reel festival, the Grand Prix at the Education Film Festival in Evreux, and a 2012 Scam Star. On Call is her second feature-length documentary.