Sailing A Sinking Sea

Sailing A Sinking Sea explores the culture of the Moken people of Myanmar and Thailand. The Moken are a nomadic seafaring community and one of the smallest ethnic groups in Asia. Spending eight months out of the year in thatch-roofed wooden boats, they are wholly reliant upon the sea, and their entire belief system revolves around water. Filmed on boats, underwater, and on 13 different islands, this film weaves a visual and aural tapestry of Moken mythologies and present-day practices.

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65 minutes


Digital, Color


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Olivia Wyatt

Olivia Wyatt is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles. She is a member of the Sublime Frequencies film and music collective. She has directed, produced, shot, and edited three feature-length documentaries: Staring into the Sun (2011), The Pierced Heart & The Machete (2013), and Sailing A Sinking Sea (2015).