The Third Shore

Forced to leave his tribe still young, Thini-á lives an exile that will end soon. Will he find his place among his people? In search of answers, he crosses the basin of the Araguaia and Xingu rivers in the heart of Brazil, in the footsteps of another passer-by who, like him, has lived between two cultures: João da Luz, son of pioneers, kidnapped and raised by the Kayapó Indians, then returned to his native family.

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57 minutes


DCP 2K, Color



Review: The Third Shore

Dr. Teri J. Silvio Institute of Ethnology Academia Sinica “When I’m here, I miss there; when I’m there I miss here.” The Third Shore is a fascinating film in which the relationships among culture, history, and personal identity are explored. Concrete objects take on layers of significance, and the answer to each question reveals a deeper mystery. It deals…


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Fabian Remy

French-born and Brazilian-raised, Fabian Remy has edited several TV series, and short and feature films. In 2015 he directed his first documentary, "A Terceira Margem." The film premiered at Dok Leipzig Festival 2016 in the Next Masters competition, after participating in EAVE's and IDFA Academy's workshops. His new fiction project "Rio das Mortes," still in development stage, was selected to the French-Brazilian Screenplay workshop 2016 and to Plataforma:Lab 2016.