What the Wind Took Away

What the wind took away

Despite having lost everything, Yazidi women Hedil and Naam are struggling for a humane life for their families. In the Yazidi massacre by the terrorist organisation “Islamic State” they were forced to leave their homeland, and have finally found protection in a refugee camp. Their situation seems hopeless, caught between the dictatorship of ISIS and their dream destination: Europe. What the Wind Took Away is a deeply poetic approach to the very personal stories of these Yazidi women and a lyrical journey through their everyday lives in the refugee camp.

Year of Release



75 minutes


Digital, Color


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Helin Celik

Helin Celik is a theater artist with Kurdish roots who was born in Turkey in 1991. She is passionate about different aspects of humans and their interactions within past and present societies. As a woman born and brought up in the Middle East, where issues involving womens’ status are different from anywhere in the West, her experiences helped her discover and focus her interests around institutional oppression and gender problems in eastern countries.

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Martin Klingenböck

Martin Klingenboeck, born in 1986 in Austria, is an experienced cinematographer specializing in documentary films. Martin’s resume of film and videography includes productions for various German and Austrian channels like ORF and ARTE, as well as independent film networks. His style represents a concept of visuals that move beyond aesthetics, that carries, follows, and strengthens the story where the camera can capture and reveal the transparency and perception of images drawn by thoughts and emotions.